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Artworks 4 Sale was formed in 2010 to satisfy the requests from our friends and colleagues to make our giclee art prints and photographic prints available as artwork for sale through various media presentations. We have been giving and selling our photo cards around town for many years to those who truly want a unique and collectible gift and memento.

Give The Gifts That Keeps On Giving Back.

Our handmade photo greeting cards are a perennial favorite of our family and friends. Over the years, we have made hundreds of these unique handmade cards to satisfy their requests. Click on one of the categories listed to the right to visit our store and select the handmade photo cards that will make the perfect gift. Many people collect the cards and post them on their office boards, or put them in a simple frame.

The phrase, “giclee print”, describes the process of taking a high resolution digital file and printing it on quality archival paper to produce a long lasting print of an original work of art or photograph. We pride ourselves on quality from start to finish, using only the finest components by a printer experienced in giclee printing. Our art prints are scanned at a high resolution in order to capture all of the detail of the original.

Our giclee prints can be ordered in several sizes, depending on your needs. It is recommended that the prints be similar to the original size or slightly smaller. If you want a print that is larger than the original, we can quote you a special price for that, just contact us.

Our photo prints can be done on high quality photo paper or on archival paper which renders a different texture to the photograph. These photography prints are listed in the three most common sizes. We can produce a custom print for you in a larger size, just contact us. We make sure that only the finest RC paper is used, and we use pigmented inks in all of our prints.


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