Paul W. Chan

Paul W. Chan

Watercolor Artist

As a child, I was an avid painter. Due to college, career and other reasons, I set aside my painting hobby. One day in 1997, I started painting again – today, I have completed more than 75 watercolor paintings.

It is exhilarating to see my visions become reality on paper. Painting helps me achieve a calmer and keener state of mind that is uncluttered from the details of day-to-day routines. Through painting, I rediscover the side of me that is curious, creative, and playful. As a watercolor artist, I feel at ease as I communicate with theirs through my artwork about my vision and values.

I am delighted to name this page “Celebration of Color” in honor of our freedom to see all that is colorful in our everyday life. Let the artist inside you to emerge — start drawing, write a poem, or get on the dance floor. It’s time to celebrate!

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